We Help Entrepreneurs, Brick and Mortar, Financial Advisors, Insurance Agents, Real Estate Agents & Brokers, Attorneys, Accountants, Chiropractors, Medical Practice Professionals, etc. solve their #1 business problem - getting enough qualified clients, patients, customers to talk to.

★★★ Establish Joint Venture Partnerships...Increase Profits for All Parties Involved.  I act as an organizer of trust between both parties to establish a business relationship and ensure that the outcome is a win win for all parties involved.

★★★Do you want to increase your business' profits while decreasing your marketing and advertising costs?

★Personalized Video Marketing
★Low CPL Geo Targeting
★Lead/Demand Generation
★LinkedIn Social Selling
★100% Done for You LinkedIn Lead Generation
★ AD Videos & Retargeting
★Press Release Syndication
★Digital Display Advertising & Retargeting
★Google Adwords CPC
We offer you a team of certified LinkedIn professionals and your own personal LinkedIn campaign manager. They work with you to optimize your LinkedIn profile to improve your rankings, create targeted list of prospects, messages to invite them to connect and then follow up messages to turn the connections into hot and warm leads. You get daily leads. Your team sends out over 1200 messages per month which results in 300 to 400 connections, building your network. And the connections become hot leads that turn into sales conversations.
“I’d rather be dragged through a cactus field, than make another cold call. Black Hills AD Agency and the AdMarketingPros have eliminated that part of the sales process and now gets me past the gatekeepers and in front of my ideal prospects in record time. Their training and staff are tremendous.
I highly recommend them” K Sherman (Peak Performers.)
“I just would like you to know that after 2 weeks I think we have identified two clients that we will do business with soon for at least $20,000 each. If we get one client per week, that will be awesome.” Jeff M (US Air Charter Company)